Red meat is a double-edged sword. It is characterized by a range of benefits such as its nutritional value, rich in proteins, vitamins and Fat .
but also is a food source that poses a danger to human health.

What are the benefits and damages of red meat ?

****Benefits of red meat :

-1Benefits of red meat for the heart

Do not be surprised when you read that red meat benefits for the heart, this is contrary to what we read and hear about all red meat and its relationship with the bad heart. It is in order to get these benefits must be meat eating in a healthy manner and in small quantities and not on a daily basis, with proven research that eating red meat in small quantities can help reduce heart problems .

-2Benefits of red meat in sex

Red meat is a rich source of protein, which contributes significantly to sexual relations and reduces the risk of ED. People who do not eat red meat are more susceptible to weakness , especially men. Some studies have shown that people with ED have low Animal proteins, which play a significant role in the secretion of hormone testosterone in men.
so red meat plays an important role in strengthening sexual ability, especially in men.

3-Benefits of red meat in strengthen the nerves and muscles

Red meat is one of the richest sources of food in vitamin B, which plays an important role in the performance of the nervous system, muscles and all functions of the body, as the lack of vitamin B in the body leads to many diseases and health problems.
Red meat also contains many vitamin B compounds such as thiamine, riboflavin, pantheonic, folate, nessine and vitamin B6. In addition one of the rare vitamins is vitamin B12 .

-4Benefits of red meat for pregnant women

Pregnant women often wonder about the quality of foods they should eat for their health and the health of the fetus. The answer is red meat. Pregnant women must eat meat. Pregnant women need calorie More than non-pregnant women. Red meat is the best protein rich food. And calories, But without excessive because they also available a large proportion of fat that are dangerous to health, so should be moderate in the handling of things, especially pregnant women, and Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

-5Benefits of red meat in strengthening the immune system

Red meat is characterized by many important nutrients such as essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin B. And Atemez as well as the presence of zinc, which helps strengthen Immune system, where he works as an antioxidant .

-6More benefits of red meat

**Protects the body from infection with cold and viruses

** Anemia is treated because it contains vitamin B12, which helps in the formation of red blood cells.

** Strengthens the sense of smell, and maintains the level of metabolism in the body.

** Protects the body from the problem of stones in the urinary tract.


Despite its many benefits ,but it does contain a range of risks to health, know the dangers of red meat :

-1The risk of red meat on the liver :

The red meat is one of the types of meat that contain a large percentage of fat, No matter how much meat you are free from fat, it will hold a large percentage of fat, which is a major danger to the liver, which may lead individuals suffering from liver diseases to reach the coma hepatic , People who do not have any liver problems may also be exposed to liver damage as they age , for that you need to eat meat with moderation for your health .

-2Risk of red meat on patients with blood pressure

Eating large amounts of Red meat that uses a lot of spices and salt leads to high and sudden high blood pressure. These patients should consider reducing the intake of fat in
meat because fatty foods in general, especially processed in unhealthy ways contain large amounts of saturated fat that have a significant impact on high blood pressure. It is recommended to reduce the intake of red meat and compensate for light meat such as fish and poultry as well as the use of spices instead of salt in cooking.

-3Risk of meat on diabetics :

Some people believe that meat has no effect on blood sugar, but excessive meat consumption leads to the concentration of proteins in the blood and reduces the ability of the liver to The absorption of these proteins, which reduces the ability of the liver also to regulate blood sugar, which leads to high blood sugar, also affects the intake of meat heavily on the capacity of the pancreas and therefore the internal doctors advise to reduce the intake of meat so as not to affect our health negatively.


Tips You should follow in order to eat red meat and nappy on your health

-1Eat meat regularly

It is recommended that people eat no more than 100 grams of red meat from 3 to 4 times a week, and it is advised to stay away from eating processed meat such as sausage, burgers and others .

-2Get rid of fat

You should follow these tips if you want fat-free meat:

**Try removing all the fat from the meat before cooking it.

**Add the lemon to the soup and the meat.

**Add parsley to pieces of meat as it has the ability to absorb fat.

**Cut the fresh garlic cloves into the meat.

**Try to reduce salt in your food or replace it with lemon and spices.

**Food experts prefer meat, accompanied by many vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, peppers and others, since these foods do not contain carcinogenic amines and reduce their formation in the barbecue.