Condoms are one of the most commonly used contraceptives by men around the world. But do you realize that you do not know much about this traditional method called condoms

In this article, find out what the multiple benefits of using condoms And types of condoms :

+ Best types of condoms :

– Oily condom : is a soft, lubricated condom designed to facilitate penetration during sex.

– Condoms to prevent premature ejaculation : Is one of the condoms used to solve the problem of premature ejaculation in men , It is supplied with a material to delay the sensation of the penis, thus delaying premature ejaculation,

– Thick condoms: Is a condom made of thick layers or of one thick layer, In order to ensure that it is not torn during sex .

– Condoms dripper : There is more than one shape, double dotted with the head, dotted plain , The dotted condoms help increase the contact and friction of sensitive areas in women to increase the sense of pleasure .

+the benefits of condoms :

– Delayed ejaculation : Condom use helps keep intimate relationships going longer.

-Ease of use : Condoms remain the easiest to use, unlike other contraception methods. They are also available in pharmacies and supermarkets and do not need a doctor’s permit to obtain them.

-It has no side effects : Unlike a pill that can cause hormonal fluctuations and affect one way or another on reproductive health in the long term , Condoms have no side effects, especially on fertility no matter how long they are used.

-Protection against STIs (types of sexually transmitted diseases ) : Condoms are the best contraception for total protection from most sexually transmitted diseases; especially such as AIDS