+The nutritional value of grapes

Calories : Grapes are very rich in energy, with 151 grams of about 104 calories.

Protein : Provides 151 grams of grapes about 2% of the daily requirement of protein.

Vitamins : Grapes are rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, which provides 151 grams of grapes, 27% of the daily requirement. Grapes are also rich in vitamin K, which is useful for normal blood clotting. It also contains vitamin A and some B vitamins compound.

Fiber : Provides 151 grams of grapes about 5% of the daily requirement of fiber.

+The benefits of grapes for pregnant women

It is recommended that pregnant women eat grapes, because it contains iron, which needs a mechanism strongly during pregnancy to check the health and health of the fetus. In some cases, if the iron level of the mother decreased significantly, it affects the threat of the birth process. The pregnant woman needs the first three months of pregnancy. Folic acid helps to prevent deformation of the fetus and helps the body absorb iron. However, the pregnant woman who is taking drugs during pregnancy should consult her doctor whether she can eat grapes or not because the play contains some substances Which works on Ceylon The blood should not be taken with any drugs that act on blood flow such as aspirin because this, God forbid, leads to bleeding.

+Hair and skin

Grape contains vitamins A, H and essential fatty acids, which makes the grape works on the nutrition of hair and skin significantly. For hair works grapes to prevent hair loss and also works on moisturizing hair and treatment of shelling, as for the skin uses grapes to convince the skin to work on lightening and moisturizing and removing fat Excess oils from the epidermis are especially beneficial to the epidermis.

+Benefits of grapes for the liver :

The researchers in 1936 have noticed the presence of therapeutic benefits of grapes vehicles, including vehicles Alfolawoonoad, and after more than 70 years later, recent studies now confirm the importance of these compounds in its role as an antidote to poisons the liver. These compounds are powerful anti-oxidant there are high concentrations of grapes, especially in the dark items such as red and purple and black, these compounds are concentrated near the grape crust.

+Constipation :

Grapes are very effective in overcoming and eliminating constipation. It is classified as a laxative, because it contains organic acids, sugar and cellulose. It also relieves chronic constipation by toning the intestinal muscles and stomach. Grape contains a high proportion of insoluble fiber. And promotes the formation and secretion of stool. However, if you suffer from diarrhea, grapes should not be used as a way to regulate your system.

+Bone health

Grapes are a wonderful source of micronutrients such as copper, iron, and manganese which are important in the formation and strength of bones. Grape can be added to your diet on a regular basis and will prevent the appearance of age-related conditions such as osteoporosis. Manganese is a very important element in the body, which helps in everything from protein metabolism, the formation of collagen, and the functioning of the nervous system.