+The nutritional value of onions :

Each medium-sized onion (110 g), according to the US Department of Agriculture, contains the following nutritional information:

Calories : 44

Fat: 0.11

Saturated fat: 0


Fiber: 1.9

Proteins: 1.21

Cholesterol: 0

+Many people are unaware of the importance of the benefits of onions and do not realize the innumerable benefits it contains, so we chose to tell you today about the most important benefits :

-Benefits of onions for diabetes :

Onions contain sulfur compounds that increase the levels of insulin in the blood and reduce the amount of sugar in it. The onion contributes to maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels. Thanks to these features, onion has become an essential component of the diet of diabetics.

-Benefits of onion to the heart :

There is evidence that sulfur compounds in the onion act as anti-clotting in addition to their ability to reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood as well as improve the functions of red blood cell membranes. It was found that the consumption of onions in the system of vegetable vegetables works to provide protection for the blood vessels and heart and thus protect the heart from heart attacks.

-The benefits of onions for the diet :

Reduces the cholesterol level in the body and helps to give the body a feeling of satiety, which leads to eating a small amount of food and helps to slim the body in a short period, and for a short body in a record time, we recommend you drink a teaspoon of onion juice a day as this helps to dissolve fat Healthily

-Benefits of onion to mouth :

It cleanses the mouth of harmful bacteria and disinfects microbes as it treats the problem of sore throat and helps clean the teeth and gums and protect against infections.

-Benefits of onion water for hair :

You can use peel and onion juice to care for hair, and this method of treatment of hair is not famous because it leaves a smell in the hair, but it is regardless of the odor it adds gloss to the hair and prevents falling, and a study has shown that massage the head with onion juice two weeks for two months It increases hair growth, and onion husks are also used for hair gloss. When boiling the onions for about an hour and cooling the water, the use of this mixture increases the gloss of the hair.

-The benefit of onions in strengthening the immune system :

The onion is used as a natural antibiotic for several years. The onion is best known for its ability to adapt to intestinal worms, various viruses, colds caused by infections in the respiratory tract, coughs and bacteria such as salmonella, coli and others. Also, onion may relieve asthma and reduce swelling caused by arthritis. It is also recommended to eat onions to treat excessive phlegm and sound problems.