Pregnancy can sometimes be considered a satisfactory condition of frequent symptoms that affect pregnant women during pregnancy, the most important of these symptoms are hormonal changes and morning sickness .

We offer you in this article how to avoid morning sickness of pregnant women through a variety of ways :

+ice cream :

You can overcome this feeling of nausea by eating cold food such as ice cream, as morning sickness occurs because of the increased secretion of hormones such as estrogen and increase the sense of smell in pregnant women, which works primarily to protect the fetus from bad foods .

+Eat carbohydrates :

The pregnant woman may eat some plain or salted biscuits or cakes when she wake up and before get up from the bed. the Empty belly encourages nausea. It is recommended to eat starches before sleeping so as not to decrease blood sugar and thus reduce the risk of morning sickness.

+Keep away from liquids during food:

It is recommended to drink the necessary fluids between meals at intervals until the avoidance of nausea. Especially soft drinks, because if you drink large amounts of fluids may increase the feeling of nausea significantly .

+Add lemon to the food :

Lemon reduces the feeling of nausea, so it is recommended to put on your drinks and food constantly, where you add a few drops and a small to your food .

+Avoid foods saturated with fat :

Try to stay away from fatty, high-fat foods that can cause nausea and vomiting at times Where 100 g of fat per day is all your body needs .